Who We Are

APP was visualized on Thursday, December 12, 2019 and conceptualized on Monday, December 16, 2019

The Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) was born out of the resistance efforts of the Dominican people, especially women and younger citizens of this and past generations. We are Dominica’s grassroots, coalition movement, and we will always be an alternative movement, representing what is best for the people.

We are a centre-right civic and political movement which is built on democratic principles and conservative. Our focus is on women and youth in politics, but we embrace everyone across party lines with no prejudice. The Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) believes in social equity, the protection of the environment, constant reforms which supports voting rights, minority rights, the rights of the elderly and vulnerable citizens, the protection and preservation of values, and total inclusiveness or social tolerance.

The APP was conceptualized out of an urgent need for a well-structured and youthful alternative political movement on the island of Dominica. This idea is manifested through a political party which essentially represents the structural bridge to democracy between the people and the government.

We see the peoples’ welfare as our call to duty and it is this call which will keep refreshing the needs for steadfastness, vigilance, and a sense of purpose in our determination to serve our constituents.

Steadfast. Engaging. Fair

Dominica can be the bastion of political transformation in a Caribbean region which has not been truly formed around its own homogenous and indigenous manifestations. This idea drives the steadfast journey for structured, engaging, and sustained change in Dominica and the Caribbean in a way that is fair and impacting.

Our colour, peach, is the symbolism of longevity in Chinese religious customs and traditions. Peach also represents femininity, tenderness, love, and the continuous process of renewal. 

APP aims to serve as the movement for cohesive and progressive political action(s), both in and out of government.

1. The main aim of the party is to effectively serve and represent the people in and out of the Parliament of Dominica, and to create and maintain a healthy balance of Democracy in the governing authority of the state.


2. To address the priorities and general needs of the people and to serve as a bridge between the people and the institutions of authorities.

3. The party serves as a fresh conduit to democratic reform, coalition building, and people relations on the island of Dominica and the Caribbean region; the sort of coalition which must be established for there to be successful pushback against the growing trends which frustrates traditional democratic ways.

As its key funding principle, APP aims to focus on women and youth in politics. We believe in the supremacy of each individual person and as such, a key tenet of the party is an ongoing focus on good politics; eliminating the possibilities and instances of political corruption on all fronts and at every level. Education, therefore, guides the party’s mission which is: to be true to the vanguards and the spirit(s) of political correctness by embracing the right strategic balance in the interest of the people.

To create space for growth within the Dominican electoral system.

The first and most important member of the party is 'You'. APP adopts a ‘You’ agenda which expresses that ‘You’ will always and forever determine and guide the party’s initiatives. APP is about ‘You’ – never ‘me’ or ‘I’ – and the people who align themselves to the party’s principles and founding philosophy are not bound to any sort of fanatical, political fixation and/or strict adherence to any particular exclusive code of conduct. The ethical standards set out in the party’s Constitution will guild party membership. APP is really about what 'You' think and how 'You' feel about the matters which affect 'You'. It is, however, members who remain in good standings and participate in party activities who will determine the structure of the party’s machinery, as well as its leadership and leadership culture. It is 'You' who will determine the progressive movement of the party. Membership or members in ‘good standing’ means: members (people) who pay party dues and assist in membership recruitment initiatives, remain active in party activities, represent and maintain the views and fundamental principles of the party and demonstrate a constant willingness to serve. Even if members do not operate or participate in ‘good standing’ they are members all the same, and it is APP’s intention to make 'You' feel as if 'You' should operate in ‘good standing’ because it is ultimately the good things that we do with, for, and to one and other which determine our success. This idea is captured in the party’s motto: ‘People together working for each other.’

You are the main link which keeps APP’s mission intact and on track.

APP puts women at the core of electoral politics, and aims, always, to have a fair balance of gender in key administrative party/government position(s). The youth will also enjoy major focus in all of the party’s undertaking. Essentially, we are a party for all. 

APP prides itself as being a resistance movement and a coalition force for progress. Efforts of resistance are traditionally propelled by younger citizens, so – going back to the fundamentals of the party – this spirit of resistance is driven by women and youth. Able-bodied individuals, experienced individuals, trained and professional experts, and other well-intended participants will provide support to the resistance movement. Resistance for us means a push for positive representation, and an agenda which trumps moves to impede peoples’ progress. Essentially, the key member of the resistance is You. Together we resist; together we progress.

When you succeed, we succeed, so our progress will be aligned to the people’s message and program for growth.  

Never loosing track of the nations needs – this is that glue which binds APP to its fundamentals.

Our number is 182. This is the number of years between Dominica’s status as the first British Colony to have a Black controlled legislature to APP’s first founders’ conference which was held on January 8, 2020. In 1838, “Dominica became the first and only British Colony in the Caribbean to have a Black controlled legislature” – (BBC News, Timeline Dominica). In 2020, the Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) emerged with the foundational mandate and operational principle to help realign Dominica to is legislative traditions of people together working for one and other.