Highlights of some Policy Positions

  1. Labour Reform as a criterion for reducing the high cost of living in the Dominica. Port duty to go down.

  2. State of the art parking facility in the City of Roseau, and ease of traffic congestion by rerouting public transportation to fixed bus terminals. We will build a dome over the river next to the Windsor Stadium and Roseau Market to create international esthetics and enhance the city.
  1. The farming industry will be given the recognition and support it needs for the procurement of food, enough to feed the nation and to supply to the Caribbean islands and further afield. We will invest in Farm Houses for each farmer who resumes farming. This farm house will be totally retrofitted with all living amenities, including guest accommodation. Input support will also be a major consideration.
  1. Set up a small business initiative which will create more space within the economic environment. We will sanction an independently operated Small Business Unit to serve as the stabilizing agency for those vulnerable corporations.
  1. A containerized depot will be established in each parish where hurricane relief and supply items will be sourced and stocked, each year ahead of the hurricane season. A staff of volunteers will manage the delivery of relief items. No APP politician will be engaged with the distribution of social amenities or will singularly determine who benefits from government’s social welfare.
  1. Enhance national school feeding program.
  1. The creation of sustainable employment opportunities in keeping with international standards: minimum wage increase and the promotion of decent work environments and relations.
  1. Combine sports, wellness and recreation as a tourism product.
  1. Retool the system with a new set of people with varied skills and different energies in order to complement the established and experienced operators of the system. Our effort is to add more people to the national public employment grid, and not necessarily to punish top achievers. In fact, successful Dominicans, business professionals, entrepreneurs and employers will be provided with all the incentives needed to maintain and improve employment and their business undertakings.
  1. The 4-H Club, Social League, Kiwanis Club, Leo and Lion Clubs, JCI, Red Cross, Rotaract Club, Scouts, Girl Guides, Rangers and other such civic groups and clubs will receive greater recognition and support from central government.
  1. Develop a new national disability strategy for differently able citizens.
  1. The Dominica Defense Unit (DDU) – our version of the Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) of the Dominica Police Service – will be beefed up and made a more technical and specialized para-military discipline. We will increase the number of defense experts by at least 350 young men and women, who will have the opportunity to develop varied skills: legal studies, swimming & diving, mechanics, welding, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, agriculture, horticulture, engineering, architecture, investigation and interrogation, Communicable Disease Control (CDC) capacities, disaster rescue, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), fire rescue, ham radio operations, media, drug interdiction, technology, marksmanship, hand to hand combat and other skills which will come in handy during emergency response situations.
  1. We will build four (4) state of the art indoor sport facilities in Portsmouth, Marigot, Grand Bay and Roseau.
  1. Build a modern cultural theatre for the performing arts.
  1. Set up government public facilities like treasury, social security, water, electricity and other in the town of Portsmouth.
  1. Create a fire and Ambulance outlet in the central area of the island (in the funicity of Bells).
  1. Skills and vocational training will return with an APP-led government.
  1. Fisher-folks will be outfitted with modern facilities.
  1. Duty-free and full technical support and service(s) for agro-processors.
  1. Total enhancement work to the town of Portsmouth, developing the area into a first-rate municipal jurisdiction with multiple ports of entry (Cargo, Cruise, Marina, Boardwalk).
  1. Free Wi-Fi zones in each community as part of APP’s future goals project.
  1. Free speech zone and green space in the City and towns; we will seek to establish at least three new towns.
  1. Agricultural and Indigenous Studies Institute to be established in the Kalinago Territory, and the enlistment of the Kalinago Chief as the main elected representative of the people, paid by the government at a rate which commensurate with that of a portfolio Minister of Government.
  1. A plan for local consumption/leading to self, food reliance and a reducing imported food, thus promoting healthier lifestyle and reduced health bill.
  1. A plan for export which will require mechanisation, irrigation and modern methods. We will seek markets and change the paradigm from the huckster raw material product to packaged and frozen goods from root crops to citrus.
  1. Promote biannual cultural festivals and get teachers of the culture, music, dance and other traditional art into the school curriculum.
  1. Promote daily nature hikes and fitness initiatives, and tie this in as a pre requisite to the national health insurance plan for all citizens.
  1. Unite the people around the promise of national progress. Heritage lessons will form part of early education; civics, science, social and national studies to be better integrated into the teaching curriculum.
  1. Salary protection, insurance, transportation allowance, and special financing accommodation for healthcare officials, teachers, nurses, doctors, police and other such public officers.
  1. Youth Parliament to be convened each time the national Parliament is held. This Parliament will record the youth’s perspective of the same material to be debated on the central government level.
  1. Women to be considered for greater and more prominent roles in society.
  1. Urgent attention paid to child sexual abuse complaints, and rehabilitation services for affected and at-risk youth.
  1. A juvenile center for younger criminal offenders and a physical transfer of the Stockfarm State Prison to an area which is more conducive to a modern corrections facility.
  1. Agricultural goods processing plants for wholesome juices and other organic food products.
  1. Advance gerontology care and specialized training for providers of elderly care.
  1. Meet with Dominicans around the world as we continue to build a solid people-centered coalition, and platform for progress.
  1. A National Scholarship and Endowment Program (NSEP) will be launched. This will be a fair, transparent and merit-based program where all Dominican citizens will benefit, equally, from government’s funding. This is particularly geared at regularising and placing standards and greater competitiveness on tertiary learning.
  1. Annual Summer Youth Camps will become the norm with and APP government. This will allow for useful youth-on-youth interaction and training in self-reliance among other civic and social skills like writing, self-expression to include public speaking, and other such skills.
  1. We will establish a number of Bike Assembling & Repair Shops which will employ several young men and women will be engaged in assembling new and repairing used bikes: motorized and non-motorized. This initiative will be tied to our Get Healthy Campaign (GHC) – an initiative which encourages citizens to recreate more, thus assisting in the fight against non-communicable diseases.
  1. We will aggressively pursue a Healthier and Greener Dominica initiative.

APP has a host of plans which are geared to sensitize growth in the economy, and those plans will be shaped by the desires of Dominicans. Our party pledges to form and maintain a partnership with the people and always to remain in the people’s corner.