The First 10 Things

When the COVID–19 Pandemic subsides and a semblance of normality returns, Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP) will embark upon the following 10 agenda items, in no particular order:

  1. Begin our series of youth block-townhall meetings in the lead up to our National Youth Development Symposium

  2. Continue work on our international registry of Women in Politics in anticipation of our December 11th ‘Women in Political Leadership’ event which will be convened in honor of Dames Eugenia & Nita. Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, DBE was our Dominica’s first, and to date only, female prime minister and first woman lawyer in Dominica | Dame Ruth Nita Barrow, GCMG DA, was the first female Governor-General of Barbados; she was also a nurse and a public health servant; the older sister of Errol Barrow, first Prime Minister of Barbados.

  3. Advance our plans for the first Rosie Douglas Social Gathering which will take place in Portsmouth on Thursday, October 15.

  4. Build our 1000 Fathers Initiatives to be launched on Father’s Day 2020 – Sunday, June 21 (more details will be given).

  5. Begin our monthly social media conference link-up and broadcast to the world.

  6. Plan for our first ‘Readathon / Reasoning on-the-block’ in Fond Colé (more information will be given).

  7. Plan and execute a recognition event for Dominica’s Health officials and First Respondents for their handling of the COVID–19 Pandemic thus far.

  8. Launch our ‘APP with You’ media series.

  9. Plan our Youth River/Beach lime

  10. Plant the APP Tree and Erect the party’s first public billboard.

Our team will also be thoroughly engaged with others event, as this period is one of coalition, corporation and growth. We have also finalized plans to assist two needy families with much needed supplies as they struggle through the coronavirus pandemic. Let us do this together in the interest of Dominica. Join our APP team so we could operate on one UNITED platform.